• 5 Best Chromium Based Browsers | More Features than Google Chrome

    5 Best Chromium Based Browsers

    Introduction : So today’s topic is Chromium Based Browser. Increasing Internet growth has really changed our daily computing needs. Nowadays, only a web browser can fill up our all computing needs. So web browsers are becoming more and more important programs. If you are talking about a web browser, then three browsers name comes first; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer or today’s latest Microsoft Edge Browser.  There are also many other browsers that we do not use. Both Chrome and Firefox are open source software, which means there […]

  • 10 Best Uninstaller Software | Uninstall unnecessary software

    10 best uninstaller software-thumbnail

    Introduction Actually, we are many who do not want to use separate uninstaller software to uninstall a software. We Uninstall software from the Control Panel manually. But, in this way we are not able to uninstall all the software. Sometimes some software’s background processes are on, then we need to manually stop the background process of those programs and then we can uninstall it. Even if the software is uninstalled, its data remains in the registry folder. And we can use dedicated uninstaller software to get rid of all these […]

  • Why is Hard Drive Space Always Less Than What is Written On

    Introduction Hay guys, today I’m going to discuss a crucial issue. I know those who are reading this article, all of you have had this question once! You went to a shop to buy Hard Drive, and the Hard Drive is well labeled with 1TB or 500GB, but when you insert the Hard Drive in your computer, what did you see? Your 1TB Hard Drive became 913GB. Why is Hard Drive Space Always Less Than What is Written On? Many people say that the system reserves some space. Also, many people say that […]

  • What is Overclocking | Overclock CPU – Mobile and PC

    Overclock CPU - thumbnail

    Introduction Many of you have heard about overclocking. But if you don’t know what it is? And how to overclock CPU for your laptop and mobile and what are the advantages and disadvantages of overclocking then this article is for you. Read this article hopefully all of your questions will answer. So let’s start the discussion. What is Overclocking- If we separate this word overclock then we can found 2 words. One is “Over, ” and another is “Clock.” Here we know what “Clock” means. And “over” means increasing the value […]

  • SS7 Attack – WhatsApp, Phone call, SMS, Location Hack

    Introduction Friends, do you know about SS7 Attack? By which a hacker can listen to your phone calls, read messages from your phone and trace your location. Read today’s article, and I’ll tell you how a hacker can hack all your apps including the WhatsApp, Location, PhoneCalls, location, etc. using an SS7 Attack. What is SS7 Attack? Firstly let’s know what SS7 Attack is. The full name of SS7 Attack is Signaling System 7. This is an old network protocol. Which is used by all mobile network operators in today’s […]

  • Do Cellphones Cause Cancer or Any Harm?

      Introduction Friends, all of you have ever had this question ever, that do cellphones cause cancer or any harm? The question is entirely reasonable to have. The smartphone is a wireless technology and smartphone operating by an electromagnetic web. So in this situation, you must know that do cellphones cause cancer. So, keep reading this article, and I am going to answer your question today. Do Cellphones Cause Cancer or Any Harm? Whether the smartphone is causing cancer or not, we have been conducting various research on this topic for many days. In […]

  • Best Project Management App – Manage Your Project Like A Boss

    Introduction- When the question of managing a project comes in front, of course, it is necessary to work like Professional. It is never the ideal way to write down your work in writing or save on a computer or mobile’s notepad. Notepad will never help you to manage your project correctly. Using Powerful best Project Management App and WebTool, you can arrange and handle your projects unusually. Best Project Management App Although each tool is not according to your specific requirements, Still, in this article, I’m introducing you to some of the […]

  • What is Internet Of Things | IOT Devices

    What is Internet Of Things - thumbnail

    Introduction The topic discussed in today’s world is about the ‘Internet of Things,’ whose short version is ‘IOT.’ The equipment we use every day around us – Laptop, Mobile, Fridz, Car, AC, Fan, Light, TV, Doors, etc. One of the ways to control those things, from anywhere in the world, using the Internet is called the Internet Of Things. Of course, it’s not just the scope of the house, the most significant field of the IO can be any industry. University of Columbia Professor Michael Wang has shown in his research […]

  • What is Mariana’s Web | Mariana’s Web Video Proof

    What is Mariana's Web - thumbnail

      Introduction Many of you probably have heard the name of Mariana’s Web; many people have not even listened. What is Mariana’s Web? Can we surf Mariana’s web? Is it legal to surf Mariana’s web? Today I will talk about this Mariana’s web. Hope you like today’s article. Read Carefully. Different Types of Web: Maybe in the future article, I will tell you about the  Deep Web, Surface Web, and Dark Web. The surface web is what we meet in front of Google, and usually, the part of the website that we have seen in […]