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Windows 10-Top 5 great new features added in Windows 10

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Windows 10 logoMicrosoft just announced that the upcoming windows 9 will, in act, be called Windows 10. Crazy days. So let’s pull out 10 of the very best new features from Microsoft’s upcoming Windows XP killer. Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft, as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Unveiled on September 30, 2014. It should be released in mid year of 2015.And windows 10 offered at no charge taken of the users Of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Windows 10 is a particularly special release a Windows. In this release windows relay involving the way the PC works with more personal computing elements like be able to talk to cortana or write with your finger on a web page and windows felt like it wanted to get everyone to understand and be able to use the latest most complete best version of Windows. So they decided to make Windows 10 a free upgrade. No charge taken of the users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

Windows released its Windows Insider Program on October 1, 2014

5) User interface and Desktop

Start Menu, Task View, Icons and lots more

windows 10 ui

Windows 10’s user interface changes its behaviour depending on the type of device and available inputs and provides transitions between interface modes on convertible laptops and tablets with docking keyboards. When a keyboard attached windows automatically detect and asked users if they want to switch to a user interface mode that is optimized for mouse and keyboard. For a non-touch devices a new resizable Start Menu features is designed for windows 10.
A new virtual desktop system known as Task View was added. If you click the Task View button on the task bar then you can see the current opening programmes and you can also add new desktop which is completely new in Windows system.

4) New Universal Apps

Office, Outlook, Photos and more

There’s a whole range of apps that at Microsoft are writing and they call them the Universal Apps not Modern UI Apps. And they call this to Universal Apps because these kinds of apps can run all the devices of Windows like PCs, Tablets, and Phones and eventually on the Xbox as well.
Microsoft have new version of Office Word Excel and PowerPoint which are included on phones and smart tablets and we can get them through the store for out PC . That’s not enough they have new Universal of Mail and Calendar from the outlook team these are built in and free.

3) Project Spartan

A new web browsing experience for Window 10

windows 10 cortana

There’s a new browser that Microsoft’s are building has a universal app that goes across the phone small tablets and PCs. That new browsers about being fast compatible with the modern web and it also have three great end user features.
a) Annotate and Share,
b) Reading list with PDF support and
c) Cortana built in

2) Gaming on Windows 10

Xbox experiences and new graphics technology


There is a Xbox apps that lets you sign in and see all your Xbox friends your achievements. If you’re playing a game on your PC the Xbox experience can do things like record the game and then you can share then you can share that to your friends. That is called Game DVR. With Windows 10 any PC in our house is available for gaming with the Controllers.
The great things about the Xbox experience on Windows 10 is the new Graphics support which Microsoft called DirectX 12

1) Cortana

The World’s most personal digital assistant, coming to the PC


Cortana is just like a personal assistant right there ready at any time to tell you about things are important to you like ‘You need to leave work now to get your dinner on time’, to answer your questions or send your email to your friends and lots more. And you don’t need to tough your keyboard just say it.

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