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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Top 9 New Features

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - cover


So, the windows 10 fall creators update is now upon us and I can finally go over what I think are the coolest features and show you guys as well. So there’s a ton of stuff they updated, a lot of little stuff some major stuff that I’ll mention in this article. Let’s just jump into the features.

Before discussing the features, one I should say that, if you want to download this windows 10 fall creators update now. Go to your windows update settings and there you can find this update. But if you can’t find any windows 10 fall creators update then download the Media Creation Tool from Windows main website and install the update manually. The manual installation might be buggy sometimes.

Anyway, let’s get into the actual features.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- Mixed Reality

    One of the big things Microsoft has been pushing for a while now and developing is the mixed reality. So that is kind of like virtual reality. The idea is a combination of fact and what they’re going to show you virtually, like augmented reality. It’s going to be built into windows almost like a virtual desktop that you live in. So they integrated this into the primary system before it was a developer only and now there should be a whole new panel in the settings. So you can need a windows 10 mixed reality headset to make it work.

    Windows 10 mixed reality

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- People Panel

    The other features that Microsoft has been touting as a significant improvement is the people’s panel. That is now available in the taskbar. I don’t think it’s that exciting personally, but the idea is now you can just click the people little icon in the taskbar and it’ll bring up a menu, where you can connect all sorts of different services like your email, your Xbox, Skype. You can now interact with all those people under one umbrella. So I don’t use anything that’s Microsoft based, I just use email pretty much and maybe Steam but I don’t think it supports that. So if you do want to disable this you can actually just right-click on the people icon and uncheck the box that shows the people button, and then you don’t have to see it. But maybe if you do use a lot of those services you can add just contact people right through there.

    Windows 10 People Panel

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- Microsoft Edge

    For those of you who use Microsoft edge. The browser is going to have a pretty cool feature in this windows 10 fall creators update, which is you can now actually pin websites to the taskbar. So if you go to a website you now just click on the little settings menu and then click pin this to the taskbar . And now in the quick launch icons along with the other programs you might have, there is a link directly to the website, and it’ll show the favicon for that. It’s unfortunate that you can’t do this with the other browser like Chrome. But I guess if you do use edge this is something you might like.

    Microsoft Edge pin to taskbar

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- New Emoji

    There’s a new emoji keyboard that is easily accessible through a Window’s Shortcut. Now if you press either Windows + Period(Windows+.) or the windows + semicolon (Windows+;) it’ll bring up an emoji keyboard with the new Unicode emojis. If you typing into any text box on any website or even email and you want to put in an emoji, you no longer need copy and paste emojis from another website. It should just appear there on a keyboard.

    Windows 10 new emoji

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- Windows Spatial Sound Feature

    In the Windows 10 fall creators update Windows Spatial Sound Feature is good for people who use headphones a lot. Now what you do is, you right click on the sound icon in the taskbar and it’ll show you the option to enable windows spatial sound for your sound device. When you allow this, it does a virtual surround sound, kind of like Dolby Atmos but apparently, this actually works a little bit better than Dolby atmos especially since it’s a just built into Windows. If you are playing video games where you’re wearing headphones and it supports 3d audio, this would be something you might want to try out.

    Windows Spatial Sound Feature

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- Task Manager New Resource Monitor

    Speaking of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update here’s another cool one that is kind of related to gaming. You know in the taskbar there is a tab called performance. And it shows different resources that are being used. Like CPU, Memory, Disk that sort of thing. Well, now there is a new section for GPU for your Graphics card which is pretty surprising. In it has a lot of different statistics like Resources for 3d programs, video encoding, and decoding, dedicated GPU memory usage, Shared GPU memory usage.

    TaskManager New resource monitor

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- Microsoft OneDrive

    In the new windows 10 fall creators update for those who use Microsoft OneDrive. There’s a cool new feature that allows you to see what files are in the drive without actually storing those files. It’s called files on demand. So the idea is even if you open up your OneDrive folder and you have some files in the cloud but they’re not actually on your computer, they’ll still show up as an icon and if you want to access that file, double click it and it would quickly download that file and open it up. Now you don’t have to keep all these files stored on your computer.

    Microsoft OneDrive

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- TruePlay

    Here is another gaming feature that I have seen too many people talking about, and that is a new feature called True Play. It’s an anti-cheat client. This is very interesting because you know how there are all sorts of anti-cheat clients thy to do their best to detect cheaters in their respective games. And now Microsoft has put a native anti-cheat into the operating system. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we are seeing certain games start to adopt this anti-cheat. And of course, it does say if you disable this feature you might not be able to play certain games obviously.

    True Play

  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update- Phone Settings

    Now finally in windows 10 fall creators update is introduced a bunch of new settings for phone settings in the settings panel. more specifically having this setting you can syncing your iOS or Android device with your Windows 10 device, whether it’s a desktop or laptop or a tablet.

    windows 10 phone settings

So that is about it. Those are just a bunch of the features that I thought were the coolest or most notable in this new windows 10 fall creators update.

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