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WiFi File Transfer – Transfer Files From Pc to Pc

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WiFi File Transfer – Transfer Files From Pc to Pc - cover


Let’s assume that your friend wants a large file from your laptop to their laptop. So he/she came to your house with their computer, but he/she don’t bring any kinds of USB flash drive. What should you do now? Fortunately, both the computers are connected to same WiFi network. So, there has one way to transfer that file – WiFi File Transfer. What is the best software for WiFi File Transfer? Let’s find out.

Hey, so in this article, I going to show you how you can transfer files from pc to pc using wifi file transfer. The only requirement is- both computers should be connected to the same wireless network. There are many tutorials on this topic. But in this tutorial, you don’t have to play with network settings. Just install software on both computers and drag and drop files there.

~ WiFi File Transfer – Transfer Files From Pc to Pc ~

Note: In this tutorial a am sharing a folder from Lenovo y50 laptop running windows-10 to Sony Vaio Laptop running windows-7. On now start the process.

  • AnySend – For WiFi file transfer between pc to pc we will use the AnySend software. It is free and completely cross-platform. You can share files between PC, Mac, Android, ios. Everything will work over WiFi, no internet connection needed. So let’s see how it works.

AnySend- logo

  • WiFi File Transfer- Step 1: Open up Google, search for AnySend software and download it. Or you can go to this link to download the software. Next, run the setup and install the software just like you install any other software. Only make sure that you run the right version – 64bit or 32bit. It depends on you pc architecture. If you have 64-bit windows running then run the x64 version and for the 32-bit run the 32bit version.

AnySend-64x or 32x

  • WiFi File Transfer- Step 2: Repeat the same process to the other computer. Download and install AnySend software to your other computer. In my case Sony Vaio Laptop.
  • WiFi File Transfer- Step 3: Once you are done installing the software on both laptops go back to the laptop where from you want to send the file. In my case the Lenovo laptop. You would not see any AnySend interface. Because it doesn’t have any. But if you go to your windows taskbar and click on the small arrow which says show hidden icons you will find AnySend there. There you will see two computers.One is your, and one is your friend’s computer which is running AnySend software.

AnySend Click to send

  • WiFi File Transfer- Step 4: Now let’s transfer some file and see how much speed do you get. To do so, copy any file and go to the AnySend icon and click on the computer that you transfer to. The second computer will get a popup, asking you for confirmation. Click Yes. And then AnySend will start transferring the file over your WiFi. And the speed depends on your router speed.

“WiFi File Transfer – Transfer Files From Pc to Pc”

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