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Top 5 Stylish Linux Distros for 2017 – You Must Try One Out

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Top 5 Stylish Linux Distros for 2017

Introduction. You Must Try on Out

The family of Linux operating systems has grown tremendously. Because how open the software is, anybody read the source code, modify it and then redistributed. Because of this-this is how we have now [SEE THE VARIOUS LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS]. There are so many Linux distributions, that common problem for beginners what Linux distribution should I use? Now your choice also matters a lot because if you choose a wrong distro, especially at the beginning you may disliking the entire Linux platform and miss the opportunity to be a part of this awesome world of Linux.We are going to look 5 Stylish Linux Distros to help you choose which one is right for you. Keep in mind that I only selected those distros that have a beautiful look and most stylish. Your choices may differ from my list, that is fine. If you think that some other should be a part of this list, please mention that in the comment.

Top 5 Stylish Linux Distros for 2017:

5. Stylish Linux Distros [Antergos] –



Antergos is a distribution of Linux that based on Arch Linux uses the Gnome 3 desktop environment by default. It released on 7 May 2012. Antergos is an upcoming rising star thanks to its default configuration options and easy setup process compared to Arch. Not only the natural installation process but also the beautiful user interface of this os. That’s why it is on our top 5 stylish Linux distros list.

Download link for the Antergos – Antergos

4. Stylish Linux Distros [BackSlash] –



BackSlash is an Ubuntu and Debian-based Operating system developed in India for AMD64 and Intel x64 based PC released on 2nd November 2015 and one of the most Stylish Linux Distros of 2017. Backslash Linux is a distribution designed with love, care, and professionalism, which keep you providing simple and powerful computing experience. It is designed to work with ease, comfort, and control, making your life easier.

It resembles macOS and the very first look with KDE at its bottom. The top bar resembles GNOME at first glance but, after opening an app, it displays the Universal menu bar similar to MacOS or Unity.  There are both list view and category views in the Applications menu, as most of Linux Distrosaurus targeted and Doc provides a transparent look.

Download link for the BackSlash – BackSlash

3. Stylish Linux Distros [Elementary OS] –

Elementary OS


And the 1st spot goes to an Ubuntu-based Distribution, Elementary OS. It is the flagship distribution to showcase the Pantheon desktop environment. Since its inception, the Elementary OS has received praise and criticism for its design, Which is perfect and similar to both Mac OS related to user experience. I can’t describe you how good it feels when I use it. It is very fast and highly customizable.

Download link for the Elementary OS – Elementary OS

2. Stylish Linux Distros [Zorin OS] –

Zorin OS


Zorin OS started in September 2008. Zorin is Ubuntu-based and comes with a Windows-like Graphical Interface to make it as user-friendly as possible for newcomers to Linux. Zorin OS built for ease of use, but it also includes many other exciting features, such as the advanced GIMP Image Manipulation Program, the Google Chrome web browser, the office software package LibreOffice and the music player Rhythmbox. Zorin OS contains a program called Ubuntu Tweak to customize the desktop further. The current stable version is 12.1 and released on February 27, 2017. Many desktop effects can be set using Compiz, which is also pre-installed with Zorin OS.

The basic “CORE” Zorin OS is free, but they do offer the “ULTIMATE” version with a lot more tools, premium support, and extra visual flair for about 19€.

Download link for the Zorin OS – Zorin OS

1. Stylish Linux Distros [Deepin] –

Deepin Os



Deepin is one of the most popular Chinese Linux Distributions based on Debian, released on 28th February 2004. Deepin has its own custom build desktop environment that looks not only gorgeous but also pretty modern and efficient user interface. It’s login screen, desktop and the shutdown screen all seem stunning. After using the Distribution, I can tell that there is a lot of effort has put into designing the user interface of the Distribution.

Download link for the Deepin – Deepin


Here is our list of Top 5 Stylish Linux Distros for 2017. And in my opinion, Elementary OS is one of the most stylish Linux distros of 2017.  Hope you agree with us. And if you think that we miss some distros you love then feel free to comment.

“Top 5 Stylish Linux Distros for 2017”

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