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SS7 Attack – WhatsApp, Phone call, SMS, Location Hack

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Friends, do you know about SS7 Attack? By which a hacker can listen to your phone calls, read messages from your phone and trace your location. Read today’s article, and I’ll tell you how a hacker can hack all your apps including the WhatsApp, Location, PhoneCalls, location, etc. using an SS7 Attack.

What is SS7 Attack?

Firstly let’s know what SS7 Attack is. The full name of SS7 Attack is Signaling System 7. This is an old network protocol. Which is used by all mobile network operators in today’s day to connect with each other, to make routing, switching, and sharing billing information.

What is ss7 attack

For example, think you are in India, and you use Vodafone. Then you went to another country and used roaming to connect to any mobile network in that country. So in this situation, Vodafone and the mobile operator of that country will contact each other through the SS7 Network Protocol. Through which your switching, routing, phone calls details, your billing information, etc. can easily share with each other by mobile networks.

But the problem is that there is no established security system has deployed in the SS7 network protocol. And this system works only on mutual trusts. A German security expert, Karsten Nohl, has clarified that the SS7 Network Protocol is responsible for security hacks. And if a hacker gets access to it once, then he or she can easily listen to any mobile user’s calls, read SMS, and track user’s location. To this all process, the hacker just enough to have the victim’s mobile number. Hackers will occupy their network is such a way that the network will think the hacker is the real user. And all calls, SMS, location, billing information, etc. will be routed through hacker’s mobile.

A recent Israeli company has developed a system that allows any mobile user to track their calls, and it is possible to read the messages sent to them. The company wants to sell this system to any Government. So that the Govt. gave them millions of dollars in exchange for the system.

WhatsApp Hack using SS7 Attack-

whatsapp hack using ss7 attack

After hearing about the SS7 Attack, you may think that you do not use SIM or mobile networks to send simple calls and messages. You might think of making a call using WhatsApp. And WhatsApp has End-To-End encryption system. But in a recent video, it shows that any hacker can install your WhatsApp account on his/her smartphone. And he/she can easily verify your account.

Because you know that the WhatsApp Verification system is done via SMS or Mobile Call. In this case, if the hacker gives your phone number to his/har phone’s WhatsApp account and if the hacker already hacks your mobile number, then the hacker will be able to get the WhatsApp verification SMS or verification call easily. You will lose access to your WhatsApp account, and the hacker will be able to chat with anyone using your account as easily as you can. And people will think it’s you.

In this way, not just the WhatsApp account, the hacker can also hack your bank account, if you bank use 2-step verification. And nowadays most of the banks are using 2-step verification for banking. So, a hacker can easily hack these accounts and make any user completely zero. Wheather it is a mobile phone or SMS, whether the WhatsApp or any other high-end system.

How to Survive SS7 Attack?

how to survive ss7 attack

No technology in this digital world has errorless. So almost all systems have mistakes, and it is possible to hack. But in this situation an average user like you or me, nobody else will hack us like this. Those who are big corporate leaders who are prominent businessmen, those who work in government’s big posts are mainly victims of such a big attack. Because this hacking system is currently available. And the Israeli company has already made that system so that it is possible to hack any person easily.

But there is some way to survive this SS7 Attack. The biggest solution is to use WiFi without using the mobile network. If you want to high-level privacy, then verify your WhatsApp account using a temporary number obtained from the Internet instead of your regular number. Your location will not be tracked if you use WiFi.

But if a hacker wants it then he can also hack the system too. But it would be a little more challenging to do. Moreover, the five-letter code that is encrypted while chatting in the WhatsApp will be able to understand that the user behind you is fake or not. Because if the WhatsApp is installed on another device, then the code will change.

If your phone is rooted, then the same German security expert Karsten Nohl has promoted an app for you named SnoopSnitch. With this app, you can find out if someone has hacked your mobile phone or not. If you have just received notification of call or SMS, but no calls are coming, then you might be a victim of SS7 Attack.


Hope you enjoy this article about SS7 Attack. And by now you have come to know how anyone can hack your phone calls through your cell phone by doing SS7 Attack on you. If you like the article, share and comment as well.

SS7 Attack – WhatsApp, Phone call, SMS, Location Hack [ Video ]

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