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Speed UP Windows 10 | How do You Optimize Windows 10

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Speed Up Windows 10 - cover


There is no doubt that Windows PC or laptop users are concerned that PC slowing down and weakening PC performance over time. If you use a lot of high-end PCs, you will also get into this problem over time. Especially those who do a much more intensive task on the PC, their PC becomes so slow over time that it almost became unusable. Maybe it moves to a point that the PC takes 5-7 minutes to boot up. You may can’t completely fix the slowdown problem, but you can certainly reduce the amount of the problem by following some Speed Up Windows 10 tips. If you follow these Speed Up Windows 10 tips, maybe your PC will not be 100% fast and responsive to the first day, but there will definitely be a lot of improvement in PC’s Overall Smoothness and Response.

Speed UP Windows 10

Must Use SSD on PC-

One of the best ways to Speed Up Windows 10 is to use an SSD on your PC. Use an SSD along with traditional Hard Drive on your pc. The SSD’s full meaning is Solid State Drive. You can tell that SSD is a special type of Hard Drive that has more speed than any normal Hard Drive. As a result, the cost of SSD is much higher than the normal hard drive. Because the SSD’s transfer speed is too high, if you install Windows 10 OS in an SSD, then you will get much fast boot time and more faster and responsive performance. If you use SSD, it will change your pc speed dramatically. So, if you want to speed up windows 10 then must buy an SSD it will change your user experience.

Must Use SSD on Pc

Uninstall Unnecessary programs-

If you are more like most Windows users, then I am sure that you have installed thousands of programs or software on the PC, and most of that software you never open. This should never be done if you are worried about PC performance. Only install those programs that you need. Uninstall those program which you never open. Because, maybe those programs have always opened in the background, which is affecting your PC’s performance, or wast your memory. So if you want to speed up windows 10 then it’s better to find out those programs and uninstall it. And it’s better to use a dedicated uninstaller program. You can see my article to find out which uninstaller program is better for you –  10 Best Uninstaller Software | Uninstall unnecessary software.

Uninstall Unnecessary programs

Disable Unnecessary Background Program-

You probably did not know that many of Windows 10’s built-in programs always run in the background. Until you disabling them from the background, their process continues in the background. For example, camera applications, calculator applications, etc. There are many types of processes that do not need to be kept in your background. These programs and processes have used you CPU and memory simultaneously. So, among these programs, you think you don’t need, disable them. To disable, go to your PC’s Settings menu and go to the Privacy option and disable those program you don’t need. It will definitely speed up windows 10 slightly.

Disable Unnecessary Background Program

Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs-

If you are more like most of the Windows users, then you also download program or software you want, and then use them to think about anything else. But many people have not noticed that many of these programs are starting with your system boot-up, which do not need to start during system startup. It will decrease your system boot-up time. Disabling these startup programs will give you more fast boot-time. To disable the startup program, open the Task Manager and go to the Start-up tab and disable the programs you think do not need to be open during system boot-up.

Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

Use Disk Defragment-

Many people do not have too many ideas about this issue. Disk Defragment is a program that optimizes your hard drive or almost all internal PC drives so that they are not fragmented. If the disk is fragmented, your drive’s transfer speed may be slow down and if your C:\ drive is fragmented, then the performance of your PC will continue to get worse with time. So every few days later, you need to optimize your drives using the Disk Defragment tool. Simply go to your Windows Start menu and type Disk Defragger, then you will get a default tool named Windows Defragment and Optimize Drives. By opening this tool you can optimize all the drives on your PC. And I would like to reconsider this task soon afterward. This will speed up Windows 10 and your disk speed surely.

Use Disk Defragment

Always Keep Your Drivers Updated-

As soon as you update Windows, your PC’s essential drivers are updated and installed. But it is often seen that the latest versions of these drivers are not installed. That means outdated drivers are installed.< But it is very important to keep drivers updated to Speed up windows 10. Because, in many cases, due to the outdated driver, many features of Windows are not working well and in many cases, it is seen that the PC’s connected devices do not respond properly, more such problems can happen due to the outdated driver(s). You can manually download and install those drivers from the manufacturer’s website. However, I would recommend using a dedicated driver update software which helps you easily update all the necessary drivers on your PC with one click. You can use the IObit Driver Booster for this. And do not forget to disable driver update software from start-up. Because you don’t always need it.

Always Keep Your Drivers Updated

By following these steps you can solve most of the critical issues in your Windows 10 pc. Addition of these I will recommend you to always Up-to-date your OS and use a Malware scanner. Those can speed up windows 10.


So these are some of the tips, if you follow these tips then it will Speed Up Windows 10 for you. Let’s end this article about Speed Up Windows 10. If you have any questions or opinions, please tell in the comments section.

Speed UP Windows 10 | How do You Optimize Windows 10

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