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Prevent Invalid Click Activity | Protect your AdSense from Ban

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Prevent Invalid Click Activity | Protect your AdSense from Ban - cover


Invalid Click activity is a crucial thing for your Adsense account.If you don’t know what invalid click activity is? And how to prevent invalid click activity then, if you affected with that, it can cause you 30 days of AdSense ban. And for YouTubers Google AdSense is the main ad source for them. If your AdSense account is gone then you can’t put ads on your video. So, basically, your YouTube channel will run without any earning for 30 days.

Prevent Invalid Click Activity | Protect your AdSense from Ban

So in this article, I am going to tell you how can you Prevent Invalid Click Activity and Protect your AdSense account from Ban.

Let me break down this topic into 3 Parts –

  • 1. What is invalid click activity and what is CTR –

    •  What is invalid click activity – I will tell you what is invalid click activity straightforwardly. For example, you have a youtube channel, and you make videos and earn by monetizing those videos. And when someone watches or click on those ads on your video then Google will pay you. But when some bad peoples click on your ads continuously then the advertiser’s money get deducted and added to your Adsense account. And as you know that for Google advertisers matters more than publishers because google’s 97% revenue is from advertising. So to preventing this cheat, Google can do only one thing which is to disable your account for 30 days and because it’s all due to invalid click that’s why we call it invalid click activity.
    • What is CTR – To prevent is Invalid Click Activity firstly you should know what CTR is. CTR means click-through rate, which is a percentage of peoples clicks on your ads. In 100 peoples how much clicks on your ads is your CTR. For example, 100 users see ads on your videos but only 1 of them click on the ads, then your CTR is 1%.
      If your CTR is under 10% then you are in safe side don’t worry about it. But if you CTR is more then 10% for 3 to 5 days then you need to disable your YouTube Monetization and report Google team about that.
      Before doing that thing, lets see how to check your CTR on your Adsense account.
  • 2. How to know that your account has affected with invalid click activity –

    Fire up any web browser and go to your Adsense account. Or click this link and sign-in.

    • Click on the VIEW REPORT tab.
      VIEW REPORT - tecnonerds
    • A new page will open. From there you need to apply a filter. To apply a filter click on the filter bar and then click on Products now click on Hosted AdSense for Content, then apply the filter.
      Apply Filter - tecnonerds
    • But still, you will not find CTR. Now you need to Click on the Clicks tab, and you will see the CTR for each day. You need to check your CTR every day to prevent invalid click activity. My CTR is under 10% so; I am on the safe side. But if your CTR is more than 10% for 3 to 5 days then disable your YouTube Monetization which is our third point.
      click - tecnonerdsCTR - tecnonerds
  • 3. How to Prevent invalid click activity –

    Yes, you have to disable you YouTube monetization to prevent invalid click activity. But not for so long. First, go to Creator Studio then go to Channel , and now click on Monetization and click on Disable Monetization to disable your monetization.
    After disabling you monetization, you need to report Google team about this invalid click activity. To report Google team Click the link and a form will open. Just fell the form with correct information and click on Submit.
    After 3 or 5 days enable your YouTube Monetization. And remember to check your CTR. If that is under 10%, then it’s okay. But CTR still crosses 10% then disable your Monetization again and re-enable after few more days.

So, this is how you can Prevent Invalid Click Activity and also prevent AdSense Ban. Hope you understand what I am trying to say. If you still have some confusions, then you can see my video tutorial on this topic.

“Prevent Invalid Click Activity”

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Is it an all-average CTR, or is it a separate CTR for a different country in the same day?
For example, on 13-01-2018 date
Brazil 75% CTR
USA 50% CTR,
BD 10% CTR,
Poland 15% CTR
Canada 3% CTR
But then
Average CTR only 4%
What will be a problem here? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Too many Thanks


You are too much…Thanks but Google is really too strict about stuffs like these. They should relax a bit