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What is Mariana’s Web | Mariana’s Web Video Proof

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Many of you probably have heard the name of Mariana’s Web; many people have not even listened. What is Mariana’s Web? Can we surf Mariana’s web? Is it legal to surf Mariana’s web? Today I will talk about this Mariana’s web. Hope you like today’s article. Read Carefully.

Different Types of Web:

Maybe in the future article, I will tell you about the  Deep Web, Surface Web, and Dark Web. The surface web is what we meet in front of Google, and usually, the part of the website that we have seen in our eyes Deep Web is the database of every site. You can’t browse the Deep Web until you have the access permission. And it’s not indexed in Google. And the Dark Web is a part of a Deep Web. And you can not access Dart Web until you have the address of the Website. Usually, the Dark Web website address ends with .onion (e.i – example.onion). Like Deep Web, Dark Web also not indexed in Google. All the illegal activities are done in Dark Web. Anyone can rent a killer, can trafficking/ trading drugs. Furthermore, all illegal activities, such as pornography, selling of various organs of human body, etc are also done here. And accessing Dark Web is also illegal.

What is Mariana’s Web

Mariana’s web is deeper than Dark Web. And if you want to access Mariana’s Web then not only you need the Website address but also you need a key to that website. Mariana’s Web is so deep that it’s not easy to get in there. It is an arduous process. Nobody can enter the dark world without having the proper permission.

You probably hear about Mariana Trench. Which is the most in-depth sea in the world. And the name came from here.

Mariana Trench

People believed that government’s top secrets and information are hidden inside Mariana’s Web. Wold most secrets and the mysterious thing can be found here. People also said that Atlantis, which is a fairytale island under Atlantic just beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Its information is might also found in here. It is also said that the base of Illuminati is in Mariana’s Web. So this Mariana’s Web is the most secret place on the Internet.

So, why the government is not doing anything against it? Because many secretaries of many countries are on Mariana’s web. And those countries are not want to expose or destroy their secret as well. You will scare after listening, that Human Experiments databases are saved in this web.

A few years ago, a freelancer web developer was hired by an unknown person named 450w in Reddit. And the unknown person was offered that web developer a huge amount of money (50,000$) just for designing a simple website.But the web developer thinks that there will be a scam. Because the web developer needs some money so he agreed to the proposal. The web developer was worked for 9 weeks in the unknown man’s server.

After 9 weeks of working, the web developer desire to know that which server he working on? But he doesn’t have the hole server access. So the developer able to download some video clips which is creepy and scary. If you don’t like these types of video then don’t see the video. You can refrain from watching the video.

Video Proof


After watching this video, you probably realize that how scary Mariana’s Web is. There has no place for Ethical or white hat hackers or programmers in the Darkest place of the internet. I will not recommend you to access this web. Try to make a distance from Mariana’s Web.

No hacker can hack Mariana’s Web until he has a quantum computer. Those who don’t know what Quantum computer is is, you can see this article about Quantum computer. Quantum computer is many times faster than your laptop as well as a Supercomputer.

So, I think you got the basic idea of Mariana’s Web. If you know more about this web, then feel free to comment down below.

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