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How to Make Voice Sound Better – Best Audacity Settings

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How to Make Voice Sound Better – Best Audacity Settings - cover


Hey, guys welcome to TecnoNerds. And today in this article I am going to show you what is the best settings to use on Audacity that can Make Voice Sound Better. These settings will work with any mic. Specifically, I’m using Samson go mic but these settings will work anything you use, and it just enhances it, makes it sound a lot better than it does stock.

This is the tutorial about how to make voice sound better after recording with Audacity software. Basically, I will break down all the setting into some parts, that will help you to better understand. So, without wasting any time, go into the tutorial.

How to Make Voice Sound Better

  • Make Voice Sound Better- Recording Volume – Basically what I start out with is, I usually make sure that my Microphone Recording Volume on 0.8. That is work for me well. But if you want to check which Recording Volume is perfect for you then Click on Recording Level and say something through your mic. If the graph fixed on -3 then turn the recording volume down but if the graph is under -3 level then keep this Recording Volume. Just make sure that the recording volume not too loud or not too quiet.
    Recording Volume
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Record Your Audio – After adjusting the Recording Volume you need to record your voice. But whenever you record you have to leave at least 5 seconds of just nothing. Mean hit the record button and wait for 5 seconds and then start taking. Within the 5seconds your mic will catch all the background noise you have in your surrounding. Letter on we can remove the noise from your actual voice.
    Record Your Audio
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Amplify – So after recorded your voice firstly you need to amplify your voice. To amplify merely click on Effects and then Amplify. Now in the New Peak Amplitude value put -4 and hit ok. It will amplify your sound by 10 dB.
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Noice Reduction – What amplify does is it amplify your voice and also the background noise which is good because now we can pick up more of it. So now just highlight the beginning  5 seconds area and go to Noise Reduction then click on Get Noise Profile. Then select the full recorded audio by Ctrl+A and go back to noise reduction and change the setting to given in the picture below and hit OK. It will take all your noise out. After this process again selects the beginning 5seconds and click Ctrl+X to delete.
    Noice Reduction
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Normalize and Compressor – We will go to the next step which is Normalized and Compressor. Go to the Normalize menu which is listed in Effects. Keep the default settings, mine is -1.0 dB and then click OK. Do the same thing to Compressor. Go to Effects and then Compressor and again keep the default settings and hit on OK.
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Equalization (Bass/Treble Boost) – Go to Effects and Equalization. If you have an intense voice, then choose Treble Boost. But if you have a normal sounding voice then 1st do the BassBoost hit OK. And then again go to Equalization and choose Treble Boost and click OK.
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Normalize – Then you need to normalize again. Go to Normalize and again keep the default settings and click OK.
  • Make Voice Sound Better- Limiter – Then for the final step, go to Limiter and change ta dB limit at -3.0 dB and keep the other setting value default. And then hit on OK.

Now go ahead and listen to your voice. That is how you get the best audacity settings. This will Make Voice Sound Better.

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