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What is Internet Of Things | IOT Devices

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The topic discussed in today’s world is about the ‘Internet of Things,’ whose short version is ‘IOT.’

The equipment we use every day around us – Laptop, Mobile, Fridz, Car, AC, Fan, Light, TV, Doors, etc. One of the ways to control those things, from anywhere in the world, using the Internet is called the Internet Of Things. Of course, it’s not just the scope of the house, the most significant field of the IO can be any industry. University of Columbia Professor Michael Wang has shown in his research that if the use of Internet Of Things can ensure, then our garment factory fire will be avoided by up to 90%.

What is Internet Of Things or IOT

In the Internet of Things, the sensor of various devices collects the necessary information on different devices in a particular network, using data such as – wireless communications, serial communication, serial peripheral interface, and multiple local processing devices, such as laptops or smartphones that are analyzed. Later, information was sent to specific web servers or cloud computing servers using different communication protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This data stored in the system database. Through Data Analysis, processes various information from different sensors and a command created by filtering the results from the system. In it, we can manage other systems, which are dependent at the same time. Because all the processes are online-dependent, everything (Device or environment control, System on or off, status visualize) can do by sending some simple command.

Speaking of Internet-connected devices, we still understand our PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But with the improvement of technology, many other things are now connected to the Internet. These are called smart devices. Even though it is astonishing, the Internet is connected to TV, refrigerators, cars, lights, even door clips.

Internet of Things or IOT at home.

Internet of Things or IOT at home

According to the Internet Of Things, all the devices will have an IP address. IPv6 will do this. As a result, different devices in the same network can interconnect themselves.

We all know the efforts of people to create intelligent instruments through Artificial Intelligence. Also, Internet Of Things research is not new. Dale Carnegie Mellon University is inventing the cookie machine in the 1980s. Through the Internet, the machine itself could have taken some conclusions such as: whether there is water in the machine or whether to trip the machine. MIT’s, Kevin Ashton introduced the first IOT word in 1999. In an interview in 2009, he gave his idea of the future of Internet Of Things and also highlighted its significant market value.

Business Intelligence During that time Internet Of Things will create a new market of $ 70 billion in hardware, software, management, surveys, and other areas for the capacity of IOTs. By the year 2016, 670 billion machines may come in the market, in which hardware sales will be around only five billion dollars. The profit from the hardware will just be 8-10% of the benefit from the Internet Of Things.

Internet of Things in Technology World

Internet of Things in Technology World

In the world of technology, the arrival of something new means that it is time to start the trial of his fault. As a blessing of the Internet Of Things, it is easy to get the best judgment when any information handled in hand. Ensuring industrial automation will reduce costs, increase productivity, increase product quality, mobilization of work. At the same time, the reliance on man’s instruments will nostra its creativity, competence, and in many cases machines will occupy the space. At the same time, many people will enjoy any kind of benefits, as well as the security or confidentiality of something, can cause severe obstruction.hich can eventually break all successes. If there is no controller in the unit, then there may be adverse effects on mobility.

But the excellence of technology cannot be stopped, so there is no doubt that Internet Of Things or IOTs will be a blessing for us.

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