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How to Play Android Games on Pc | Run Any Android App or Game

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We all know what is Android app or game. We everyday use those. But usually, we can’t run Android games without Android Smart Phone, Android Tablet or other Android devices. But sometimes we need to run Android Games on our Windows PC. The reason for running Android Games on PC can be different for each other person. But in the meantime, everyone wants to run Android Games on their PC. Everyone has one question in their mind – How to play android games on PC.

There are several ways to run Android Games on PC. Some of the ways are more useful than others. So, today I will discuss some of the methods that you can easily run the Android Games on your Windows PC. Some of these methods you may already know, but for those who don’t know, today’s article is for them.

How to Play Android Games on Pc

Bluestacks – [Emulator Way]

It’s the most popular method to run Android Games/Apps on PC.  If you search for the method How to play android games on PC, then you will first know the name of this tool. Another reason is that it is the oldest method to run the Android Games/App. In order to run the Android app, you only need to download Bluestacks and Install it on your PC like other traditional Windows programs. Then you will be given just like a virtual Android environment where you can install and run Android apps and Android games. If your PC gives an average performance, then you can expect decent performance from Bluestack. Those who have used Bluestacks 2-3 years ago from now, they can now download and try the latest version of Bluestack. It is much more stable and more feature packed than before. Besides, now there is a feature like Android Gaming Platform with its own game store. Its performance is also better than the other third-party Android Emulator. Also, the beta version of  Bluestacks, Android 7.0(Nougat) has been given.

bluestacks android emulator


Other Popular Emulator –


Android Studio – [Developer Way]

This method is Google’s official method. Other methods mentioned here or you know, all of them are made by third-party developers. But Android Studio is one of Google’s own programs for Android app developers, just like Microsoft’s Visual Studio. With this program, you can not only run Android apps but also run any Android app’s APK file. Here, you will get some advances in running Android apps that will not be available in other emulators. For example, you can create a virtual Android phone and run the Android app there. Here you will find a number of modern Android devices with virtual emulators. Besides, you can test your Android games or apps as well as run the apps, and you can choose exactly how much resources you want on the virtual device, you can also select it as you wish. And if you run any Android app in this method, you will get a much better performance than other methods of this list and get a much more responsive experience.

Android Studio


Remix OS and Player – [OS Way]

This method is my personal favorite method. It’s not just an Android emulator, but it works like a full operating system. As we install Windows or Linux on a PC, remix OS can also be installed on a PC as an operating system. The difference between the other methods of the list is that the Remix OS will give you almost experience like a desktop. There are many features like desktops which are – Taskbar, Window Support, App Resizing, Ethernet Support, Attractive and Minimal User Interface etc. These features you will not find any other emulator on our list. If you have a secondary laptop that does not work well in Windows, then you can install Remix OS on the device and use it as a full-featured operating system. The main goal of Remix OS is to optimize Android for a desktop. And Android games are run very smoothly in Remix OS. They also have an android emulator where you can run your Android game along with windows like Bluestacks.

Remix OS

You can install Remix OS as your primary OS and if you want to install it as a dual boot. Other than that you can install Remix OS inside a VirtualBox, which will give you emulator like experience but with more features than an emulator. Because in that case, Remix OS and Remix OS Player’s user interface and features remain the same.

But the installation of remix OS is a bit more troublesome than the other.


Other Popular Android OS –


How to Play Android Games on Pc? How you got your answer. So these were some of the methods that you can easily run Android Games or apps on Windows PC. Let’s end this article here. If you have any questions or opinions, please tell me in the comment section below.

~ How to Play Android Games on Pc ~

How to play Android GAmes on PC [Video]

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