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Why is Hard Drive Space Always Less Than What is Written On

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Hay guys, today I’m going to discuss a crucial issue. I know those who are reading this article, all of you have had this question once! You went to a shop to buy Hard Drive, and the Hard Drive is well labeled with 1TB or 500GB, but when you insert the Hard Drive in your computer, what did you see? Your 1TB Hard Drive became 913GB. Why is Hard Drive Space Always Less Than What is Written On? Many people say that the system reserves some space. Also, many people say that the company is promoting falsehood. Are these words 100% correct? Let’s try to find out the answer.

Hard Drive Space Always Less?

When you buy a Hard Drive, you probably have noticed that the size of the Hard Drive at their labeling is in Gigabyte or TeraByte. Such as 1 Gigabyte or 500 Gigabyte. Now, according to the rules, 1 TeraByte = 1000 Gigabyte and 1 GB = 1000 Megabyte. In fact, the method used by Windows to measure hard drive space is Mebibyte and Gibibyte. Surprised? We know that Gigabyte is represented as uppercase “GB” and Megabyte is represented as uppercase “MB.” But there is a little different in case of Mebibyte and Gibibyte. Mebibyte is revealed by uppercase “M” small “i” and uppercase “B.” Mebibyte = MiB. And Gibibyte is revealed by uppercase “G” small “i” and uppercase “B.” Gibibyte = GiB. Windows measures with Mebibyte and Gibibyte.But display as Gigabyte and Megabytes. Actually, there are many hecks behind this topic. Let’s try to understand all of them.

terabyte to gigabyte conversion

As I already mentioned, Windows represent Gibibyte as GiB, Gigabyte as GB, Mebibyte as MiB and Megabyte as MB. So what do you understand? How hard drive space always less? How 1Terabyte[TB] hard drive became 931 Gigabyte? Actually, this is not true! 1Terabyte[TB] = 931.323Gibibyte[GiB], not 931Gigabyte[GB]. Because Gibibyte[GiB] is larger than Gigabyte[GB]. If you insert your 1Terabyte[TB] hard drive on a Linux operating system, then you can see it is showing 1000Gigabyte[GB]. Because I have already said that 1Terabyte[TB] = 1000Gigabyte[GB]. Many people think that 1Gigabyte[GB] = 1024 Megabyte[MB]. Actually, 1Gibibyte[GiB] = 1042Mebibyte[MiB]. 1Gibibyte[GiB] is 1.074 times larger than 1Gigabyte[GB]. In other words, 1Gibibyte[BiB = 1.074Gigabyte[GB].

Now Try to Solve the Problem with Math-

Try to Solve the Problem with Math

If 1Gibibyte[GiB] is 1.074 times larger than 1Gigabyte[GB] and 1Terabyte[TB] = 1000 Gigabyte[GB], then the amount 1000 divided 1.074 = 931.

1000GB / 1.074GiB = 931GiB. So, Windows shows 931GiB as 931GB. Actually, the hard drive manufacturers are not lying. They measure with GB, but the windows measure with GiB. If you use Linux, you will not see this issue.

Some Misconceptions About Gigabytes and Megabytes-

Misconceptions About Gigabytes and Megabytes

As I mentioned earlier, many people think that 1Gigabyte[GB] = 1024Megabytes[MB]. Actually, 1Gibibyte[GiB] = 1024Mebibyte[MiB]. In fact, this issue also noticed in RAM. When we install a 4GB RAM on a Windows PC, it becomes 4096MB instead of 4000MB. Windows are showing Mebibyte[MiB] as Megabyte[MB].

They probably do this because many people are not familiar with Mebibyte and Gibibyte. I also used to between Megabyte and Gigabyte. But one question probably you have in your mind. Why is Windows showing this Mebibyte and Gibibyte as Megabyte and Gigabyte? Actually, the answer is a lot easier. Giga is a Prefix, mean Billion. Giga = Billion = 10^9. And as it is mega means Million. Mega = Million = 10^6. So, Gigabyte means Billion Bytes and Megabyte mean Million Bytes. But there is a little different in the case of Mebibyte and Gibibyte. Because Mebibyte and Gibibyte is a Binary multiplier. Mean Mebibyte = 2^20bytes and Gibibyte = 2^30bytes. So, now the numbers are not a beautiful round figure as it is in case of Billion and Million bytes. However, this issue happens only for Windows. If you use Mac or Linux, then there will be no problem in understanding.


So, hope you understand why is hard drive space always less than what is written on. If you learn something from this article, then feel free to share with your friends. And if you have some question then comment down below.

Why is Hard Drive Space Always Less Than What is Written On


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