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Google Search Tricks | Improve Your Search Experience

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Introduction –

Every day we all use Google. In today’s world, without Google, the Internet cannot be imagined. If we have any question, or if we want to know something properly, we all do the same thing and that is Google Search. If we want to do some search on Google, we usually type any kind of search term and we get our desired search result. But there are many Google Search Tricks or Methods that you can use to get information more easily and more specifically, which will make your work easier and at the same time save you some valuable time. Some of these Google search tricks are quite interesting. Today you will discuss some Google search tricks that you should use if you have used a lot of Google search.

Search Operators | Google Search Tricks –

The search operator is a Google search tool that helps you customize your search results accordingly. When you or I search for a detailed topic or to read an article about any topic, we search the keyword in Google’s search, then the search result shows according to the searched keyword. And results came from different types of websites. For example, if you search Google by typing “Google pixels”, then the search results will be arranged in different types of websites in which your keyword is present. For example, if you search Google by typing “Overclocking”, then the search results will be arranged in different types of websites in which your keyword is present. But if you use search operators, then you can show only search results from your desired website. For example, If you want the search result of “Overclocking” is shown only from TecnoNerds. Then in your Google search box type Overclocking site: TecnoNerds. If you search this way, Google will know that you are looking to get your search results from this site (In this case TecnoNerds) only and you will be shown only the search results from that site.

Search Operators

The end of Google search operators is not just here. There are many search operators that work with more different things. For example, if you want to see only the search results which exactly match your search term, then write your search term within two quotation marks (Like – “5 Best Chromium Based Browsers”). Then you will be shown the search results in which your search term is available.

Search Operators Quotation

Besides that, there is one more search operator which is the specified for a file type. For example, if you want to download a book or an ebook’s pdf file, then in the search box enter your book or ebook name with the file type. Such as, suppose you are looking for a book’s PDF file, named You Don’t Know JS. If you type in the search box, You Don’t Know JS filetype:PDF. Then you will be shown only the PDF type files in the search results. This Google search trick works in conjunction with almost all file types, including PDFs, MP3s, MPEG, Dock files etc.

Search Operators File Type

There is also many more useful search term. Suppose you visit or use a website or a social network every day. Now if you want to know if there have more sites like this or not. Then you can just type in the Google search box- related:udemy.com.

Search Operators Realted

Smart Location Track | Google Search Tricks-

I think many people know about this Google Search Tricks. If you want, you can track the location of your Android smartphone using Google Search if your smartphone is connected to the Internet. You can say that it is not something new. Yes, it’s not a new thing to know. There is a separate Google app for tracking android phone location, Find My device. But you can track your smartphone using only Google search. In this case, first sign in your Google account on your laptop or pc and your Laptop’s Google account must be same as your Mobile’s Google account. Now just type Where is my Phone in the search box. By typing this keyword you will be asked to sign in to Google and the exact location of your Android phone will be displayed on Google Map. If you want, you can Ring, Lock and Erase your phone data from here.

Google Smart Location

Flip a Coin or Roll a Dice| Google Search Tricks-

Maybe many of you do not know about this fun Google Search Tricks. If you want you can toss neutrally with Google and you can also roll a dice. If you want to toss, then only you will have to type in the Google search box Flip a coin. And if you want to roll a dice then just search for Roll a Dice. I do not know how practical this trick is, but it can be quite fun and to speak the truth sometimes it may be necessary also.

Flip a Coin or Roll a Dice

Google Timer | Google Search Tricks-

If you need to set a timer or need to set a stopwatch, then you can easily do it with Google’s help. You just have to open Google Search in any browser and type Set timer for X Minutes ( X = The time you want ). For example, if you want to set time timer for 2 minutes, then type Set timer for 2 minutes. Google will play a sound at the end of the countdown. Reset the timer, restart the timer, and all basic stopwatch function are there. You can set the timer to full screen.

Google Timer

Tick Tock To Game | Google Search Tricks-

Now let’s focus on a little more exciting Google Search Tricks. We all know this simple but fun game that is usually played with the help of a pen and a notebook. If you like this game then you can play this game with Google. You just need to type in the Google search box – Play Tic Tac Toe game. At the same time, this game will be open in front of you and also with the Modern Material Design. Here you can play this game as long as you want and your appliance will be Google itself.

Tick Tock To Game

Sound From Different Animals | Google Search Tricks-

Do you know that you can listen to different animals sounds using google search? Yes, this simple Google search trick lets you do that. For example, if you want to know how a horse sounds like, you can just type in the Google search box: What sound does a horse make. This is not a very useful trick, but it’s pretty interesting to know.

Sound From Different Animals


So these were basically some useful and some interesting Google search tricks that you can use when you search on Google. These Google search tricks may make your tasks a bit easier and you can save some time too. There are many more useful tricks in addition to these in Google search tricks. Today I talked about some of the few useful and some funny Google Search Tricks. There are a few more Google Search tricks which can be discussed another day.

So that is it for this article. If there are any question or opinions regarding Google Search Tricks then please tell in the comments section.

~Best Google Search Tricks | Improve Your Search Experience~

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