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10 Google AdSense Question and Answer

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 10 Google AdSense Question and Answer-cover


I saw many new blogger facing problems regarding their AdSense account including me. When I was new in web development and blogging, I have encountered those same issues. So, I tried to answer all of their essential Google AdSense Question in one article.

10 Google AdSense Question and Answer

Google AdSense Question 1: How much content should I need to approve Adsense for my Blog?

Answer: How much content should require is not fixed anyway. Google only wants quality content and some visitors to visit their ads.
So, I think 10+ quality post can do your job.

 Google AdSense Question 2: Are there any issues with the age of the site to get Adsense Approve?

Answer: No, the age of the site does not matter. But I think it is better not to apply Adsense if you are not 30 days old.
And the fact is, you can take 30 minutes or even a little more to work on the site, so take 1 to 2 months to customize and post on your site and then apply for Adsense.

 Google AdSense Question 3: Content Quality or Quantity What Does AdSense Need?

Answer: Of course quality, because one of my friends has about 250 content on a tech blog and another friend of mine have 35 only posts on their blog. But all of the 35 substances are very long and excellent quality, as well as those articles, has superior on-page optimization. The revenue of 35 content is more than 250 content. So, it can say that, of course, quality is more important than quantity. Because if you don’t have a quality post, then you can not rank, and if you can not rank, then the key will not work.

 Google AdSense Question 4: Can I run two Adsense on the same laptop or mobile?

Answer: If you want to run two Adsense account on the same device(Laptop or mobile) at the same time, then you may face some problems. And also it’s illegal because you can do all your work with one AdSense account. But if you are facing some issues with your current Adsense account then, delete your existing AdSense account and create a new one.

 Google AdSense Question 5: Should I use plugins to add ads to my site?

Answer: AdSense disables Adsense’s official plugins, other plugins can use, and ads can install with those plugins, but it’s not a good practice. Too much use of additional plugins can slow down your site.

Google AdSense Question 6: Which plugin is best for put AdSense ads on my website?

Answer: In the previous response I recommend you to don’t use plugins, but If you don’t have access to your source code of your website then use Quick AdSense(WordPress Users).

Google AdSense Question 7: How many AdSense ads should I use on my website?

Answer: According to google recommendation you can use a maximum of 3 Ads on your website. You can set the number of ads you want to display in Quick AdSense plugin which I mentioned in the previous answer.

 Google AdSense, SEO Question 8: I have an AdSense account linked to my YouTube account. Can I use that AdSense account for my Website?

Answer: Yes, you can. But the AdSense account you get with your YouTube account is a Hosted AdSense account. You can’t put ads on your website using a hosted AdSense account. So, first, you need to apply for a non-hosted account. If your website full-fill Google policy for the non-hosted account. Then Google will convert your hosted AdSense account to non-hosted account.

Google AdSense Question 9: Will success be available in the Blogspot?

Answer: You don’t need to apply for AdSense if you use Blogspot. You can get ads form a hosted AdSense account in Blogspot. But I have personally suggested abstaining from this. Do not waste time on Blogspot.

 Google AdSense Question 10: Which is the most potent backlink for rank and safe for AdSense?

Answer: If you can write a guest post on a site which have more visitor and if the other matrices of that website are suitable then the backlink is better and safer for your AdSense.


Those are the questions I had faced when I was new in blogging. I think I covered most of your fundamental problems regarding AdSense. But if you still have issues then feel free to comment, and you can also contact me.

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