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How to Get Google Assistant on Any Android Smartphone (No Root)

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 Get Google Assistant


Google Assistant is your virtual personal assistant, which is developed by Google and released in May 2016 on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. It’s is an extension of Google Now with lots of personalities.  And now the much-loved Google Assistant from the Google Pixel devices is finally making its way to all Android devices which are running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher, and you can get the Google Assistant on your android device and use that feature without root. So without wasting any time let me walk you through it.

~ Update Beta version of Google app and Google Play Services to Enroll Google’s Beta program ~

› Get Google Assistant [Get Beta Version of Google App] –

If you want to get Google Assistant, then the first thing we need to do is get the beta version of Google App. To do that open up your play store and search for the Google app, scroll down below and you will find an option called “Become a beta tester.” Tap on “IM IN’ and tap “JOIN.” The beta sign-up process then began. It should take few minutes. It took me about 10mins to finish.

Once you are in the beta program, then you can hit the update to get the latest version of Google App.

Get Google Assistant


› Get Google Assistant [Get Beta Version of Google Play Services] –

If you search for Google play services in the play store, then Google Play services should no appear. You should go to you setting menu and find out Google Play services manually. The path might differ depending on which devices you using. So to make the process simple, click the button below and download the latest version of Google Play services apk and install it.

~ Changing the Language ~

› Get Google Assistant [Change Language to English(US)] –

Changing The language is quite easy. Just you need to go to the settings menu and language and make sure that your phone’s default language set to English US. If your phone’s default language is the English UK, then change it to English US. After changing language reboot your device.

Change Language to English(US)- tecnonerds


~ Clear App Data ~

› Get Google Assistant [Clear Data of Google and Google Play Services] –

Now head to setting and go to app, scroll down and tap on Google. Click on Manage space. Now tap on the clear all data button, click OK. Now do the same thing to Google Play services.

Clear Data of Google and Google Play Services

~ Activating Google Assistant ~

› Get Google Assistant [Activate] –

To Activate the Google Assistant, open google app by taping on the Google icon on your home screen or long pressing your home button. Then swipe left to open hamburger menu, from there go to the settings page. Here you should find Google Assistant Settings menu, tap on that and turn on Google Assistant.

› Get Google Assistant [Configuring] –

Now press and hold your home button to open the Google Assistant menu page. Here you can tap on continue, then get started. Here you can recognize your voice, or you can do it later.

Here we go, Now you can get Google Assistant On your android smartphone.
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