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How to Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address-2017

How to Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address -cover


Sometimes your friends hide their email address on facebook. But let’s assume that you need the email id without telling him to give. Yes, this is possible. You can see some of your Facebook friends email address when it is hidden. So here are some few steps to Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address:

~ Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address ~

  • Step 1: Log-in to Facebook

    Open up your favorite web browser, Google Chrome in my case and Log into your Facebook account. Remember that the whos email address you need to see must be in your friend list. If the person is not in your friend list then send them a friend request and wait until he/she accept.

  • Step 2: Sign-up in Yahoo

    Why Yahoo? Yahoo has a feature that can import email addresses form your facebook friend list. So open Yahoo in a new tab then click on sign-in. If you have a Yahoo account then sign-in and if you don’t have an account then click on Sign-up. Fill up the form with your valid information and click on sign-up. Now put your valid phone number and click on Text Me An Account Key. After click that button you will get an account key. put the account key on the next page then click Verify. That’s all for the sign-up process.

  • Step 3: Importing Mail

    If you have successfully created your Yahoo account then this is the time for importing the email from Facebook friend list. In the home page of Yahoo on the top righthand corner after your username, you will see Mail option, click on that. Now a new page will open. In this page at the top left-hand corner below the Yahoo logo, you will find a contact log, click on that. An importing page will appear. You can import email from Facebook. To importing email from Facebook you need to click on import contacts from Facebook. And that’s it. The contacts are now importing. It takes some time to import, depends on how long your Facebook friend list is and of course on your internet connectionImport facebook contact from yahoo

  • Step 4: After Importing Mail

    It’s done. 1730 contacts are imported from Facebook out of my 2021 friends. Now, obesely you will ask that- then where is 291 friends? Why are those friends contact no imported? I think those 291 people create their Facebook account using their mobile number. So they don’t have any email to import. Hope you understand that problem. Do you know the most interesting part? You can download the email list also. To import those email click Action>Export>(Choose the format in which you would like to export your contacts).

    Uploader contact on Yahoo

Conclusion –

I think that is all I need to share with you today. That is how you can Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address when it’s hidden. Importing email is not illegal depends on how you use those email. Hope you like this tutorial.  So stay tuned with us for the tutorial like this. If you have any problem regarding this post then comment below or you can contact me also.

 ~ Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address – [Video] ~

If you still have some problems on Find Facebook Friends Hidden Email Address then click on the link above and see my video.

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