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Do Cellphones Cause Cancer or Any Harm?

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Friends, all of you have ever had this question ever, that do cellphones cause cancer or any harm? The question is entirely reasonable to have. The smartphone is a wireless technology and smartphone operating by an electromagnetic web. So in this situation, you must know that do cellphones cause cancer. So, keep reading this article, and I am going to answer your question today.

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer or Any Harm?

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Whether the smartphone is causing cancer or not, we have been conducting various research on this topic for many days. In this situation, an average user comes out of a term, and that is the radiation. Moreover, a standard user often gets obsessed with the name of radiation, who knows what kind of radiation, what kind of waves, who knows do cellphones cause cancer or not. In this situation keep a note in your mind. Yes, it is possible that radiation can cause cancer, but not all types of radiation cause cancer. So due to radiation emitted from the smartphone, there is no possibility of cancer.

Radio Frequency Webs used on mobile phones. Moreover, Radio Frequency Waves has low energy. Your mobile operators use 700 MHz or 800 MHz or 2000 MHz or other separate bands for their networks, all of which based on Radio Frequency Waves. So this Radio Frequency Web does not have the power that can damage any part of your body.

Types of Radiation


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There are mainly two types of Radiation. Non-Ionizing Radiation and Ionizing Radiation. Non-Ionizing radiation has less frequencies, and less frequencies mean less energy. However, the radiation frequency increases as much as its energy, and the high-frequency radiation is known as Ionizing Radiation. In the image above, you can see that power lines, radios, cell phones, and microwaves, etc. are in Non-Ionizing Radiation. So, these are less powerful and not harmful to you. The harmful radiation starts from Ultra-Violet Rays. And the X-ray or gamma ray is very detrimental to our body. But why are they so harmful? Let’s take some knowledge about this.

Why are Ionizing Radiations so Harmful?

See, if any high-powered waves threw from any source on any atom, then due to high power some electrons may be fired from that atom. Due to the exit of the electron, it becomes the Atom Ionize. And the Ionizing capability is available in those waves. And this ionizing ability starts from ultra-violet rays and its higher high-frequency radiation. And for this we have said that ultra-violet rays from the sun’s light can cause our skin cancer, Ultra-violet rays may cause eye problems.

But there is no possibility of any damage from radiation below it, such as radios, cell phones, microwaves, etc. So one thing is clear here that you will not have any damage from your mobile phone. If you have a headache to use your phone, probably your phone is not responsible but for some other reason. Alternatively, if you have any illness, then also your phone is not accountable for it.

Anti Radiation Chip

There is many anti-radiation chips available in the market to buy. Those who say that your phone’s radiation will decrease if it is behind your phone. These chips are stupid. This is not your purchase. The first thing is that you do not have any problems with the radiation of your smartphone. And secondly, if you think that phone radiation can be a problem then a regular chip cannot prevent that Radiation. Somewhat, radiation levels may increase further due to the chip. So do not buy all these chips at all.

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth]

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Every research that has done till date has been studied, it has said that there is no risk to any mobile phone. In addition to mobile phones, if we talk about Bluetooth or WiFi, then this technology also does not harm you at all. Many people have many fears about WiFi. Many people say that using WiFi is harmful because it uses very high energy. GigaHertz! WiFi use Gigahertz Frequency. Gigahertz means billions of times in 1 second. So many people think that it can harm your body if you near the WiFi signal. Before making any kinds of a decision like this, remember that WiFi is a Non-Ionizing Radiation. Your home’s bulb has several times more radiation than your WiFi. So if you are not worried about the radiation of your home’s bulb, then why are you thinking about the WiFi radiation? Do you know that Light has terahertz Frequency, which is thousands of times more than WiFi Frequency.


So, Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? The last thing is that, if you use your phone for 1 hour or 10 hours, you will never have any problem. Cancer is a long way to go. Use WiFi for the whole day and share the internet and data as much as you want, you will never have any problems. It has also certified that non-ionizing radiation is not possible to cause any damage to your body. Hope you like today’s article about “Do Cellphones Cause Cancer” and your fear of cancer has gone. If you have any questions or opinions, then feel free to comment down below.

So, Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? – NO


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