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Convert Image into Editable Text Online (Using OCR)

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 Convert Image into Editable Text Online


Many times we need to convert our school, college or projects HardCopy into an Editable Text(SoftCopy). To do that, many users type the whole document into a text file. It works, but if you have hundreds of pages in your document, then it is tedious time-consuming.
Therefore we need some software or online tools to do that for us. On today’s date, we are using OCR(Optical Character Recognition) to Convert Image into Editable Text. This technology has been around for quite some time now and only gets better day by day. So basically we need to capture the image-document and perform OSC on it, and then the text in the image-document will be transformed into an editable word format, and you can change the text in the file as you need.

How to Use OCR

OCR is a technique and cannot change anything in itself. Therefore, some tools have developed which exploit the power of OCR and perform real conversion work. They are called OCR equipment, there are many OCR tools available, which are available for free. Besides, there are two types of OCR devices, which are available online and the second to be downloaded.

To perform the OCR in our image-document, we are going to use an online OCR tool called onlineocr. So let’s see how we can do that.

Convert Image into Editable Text Online –

From now we are going to follow three steps to convert your image-document into editable text.

  • Convert Image into Editable Text [Step 1] :

    If your document is in HardCopy then at the very first, capture your document and upload it to your Computer. As you can see that, I capture the below picture, and we are going to perform OCR on this image-document and convert it into an editable text file.



  • Convert Image into Editable Text [Step 2] :

    After copying the image, we need to go to https://www.onlineocr.net. There have lots of OCR tools online. You can only find those tools by searching on Google. But I think onlineocr.net is the best and free online OCR toll among all.



  • Convert Image into Editable Text [Step 3] :

    Now you can Select your file or files(you can also upload multiple image-document) by clicking on the “Select File” button and whenever your image-document will upload Select language and output format and click on “Convert” button to convert the image into editable text. But if you Signup and log-in on their website then you should get more features like – More Output Formats, Increase the max file size limit 15MB to 200MB, etc.



-Final Result-

That’s it for today’s article. From now hope you can Convert Image into Editable Text without typing it like old school :P.

“Convert Image into Editable Text Online (Using OCR)”

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