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  • Best Video Editing Apps for Android – 2017

    Introduction Ok, so while doing my research, I was wonder which is the Best Video Editing Apps for Android? And why anyone would use a video editing app In small 5-inch phone? And from what I learn, There are mainly 3 reasons- 1. Filter Apps – It’s for the people who want to quickly create a birthday or event videos. 2. Basic Video editor – This is good for someone who wants to quickly edit vlogs videos. That they recorder from smartphones And want to post them on social media. 3. Fully […]

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  • Adobe After Effects Transparent Background Render with Smaller File Size

    Adobe After Effects Transparent Background - thumbnail

    Introduction If you are reading this article, then you probably have a problem with rendering transparent video in after effects. Or you can render transparent video but after render the file size is enormous. For example, you want to render a lower-third, and a lower-third have a transparent background. So, first of all, you need to render this video with alpha channel, and also you have to maintain the file size. Often time I see that people render 5sec transparent video with 5GB of file size. If you have these […]

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