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Bluetooth 5 – What is New in Bluetooth 5?

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Hey, what is up guys I am Titas from TecnoNerds, and in today’s article, I am going to talk about Bluetooth 5. You may have heard about it especially in the most recent phones like the Galaxy S8 the Note 8 and of course, the most recent iPhone 8 and you might be wondering what the differences between Bluetooth 5 and the previous versions are. Because there are a lot of significant improvements and it should be pretty exciting even if you don’t know much about Bluetooth. But we’re going to go over that now quickly.

Bluetooth 5 is the successor to the previous 4.2 version of Bluetooth. What is new in Bluetooth 5? There are three main features I am going to tell you about Bluetooth 5. So, without wasting any time let’s get right into the features.

What is New in Bluetooth 5

  • Bluetooth 5- 2X Faster – This version of Bluetooth is two times faster than the previous version of Bluetooth. So, before it was only 1mbps bandwidth and now it’s 2mbps. Still, not a lot you’d expect it to be more especially since Wi-Fi as well now we have gigabit Wi-Fi. And Bluetooth is only two megabits. But previous versions of Bluetooth pairing is not that quick but doing this with Bluetooth 5  shows the direct advantage of data transferring twice fast. Which makes the pairing process bit quicker and also less delay.
    Bluetooth 5 features-2x faster speed

  • Bluetooth 5- 4X Range – Bluetooth 4.2 range was approximately 50 meters with a direct line of vision, but it was about 10 meters in everyday use through the walls and around different rooms of your house. You can’t go far away from your phone when you are listing to music via Bluetooth 4.2. But the theoretical maximum range of the new version of Bluetooth is 200 meters with a direct line of vision or about 40 meters around a house or indoors. Now you won’t have to worry about losing connection. Hopefully, far you can go any corner of your home without interruption, and that is with the same power requirements.
    Bluetooth 5 features-4x Longer Range

  • Bluetooth 5- 8X Capacity for Broadcast Messages – The most exciting changes though is, Bluetooth 5 now has eight times the capacity for broadcast messages. If you think about a Bluetooth stream like a highway. It used to be a two-lane highway that ran 40 miles per hour for 20 miles. It is now a 16-lane mega highway that travels 80 miles per hour for 80 miles. So having all these lanes of data moving so fast enables a pretty sweet feature which is called dual audio. Which lets output 2 different Bluetooth speakers at the same time.
    Bluetooth 5 features-8x packet size


Based on all this, it kind of makes senses that Bluetooth has said that they want to focus a lot on Internet Of Things(IOT). So Bluetooth 5 can now be used more between smart devices instead of just your phone and the devices one-to-one. You know that nowadays if you want to connect smart devices, usually you have to connect them all of the same Wi-Fi point or router, and then they talk to each other. Maybe with the new version of Bluetooth, you won’t have to do that, you won’t rely on a Wi-Fi signal or a router. It can just be directly between the devices.

“Bluetooth 5 – What is New in Bluetooth 5?”

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