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Best Video Editing Apps for Android – 2017

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Best Video Editing Apps - coverIntroduction

Ok, so while doing my research, I was wonder which is the Best Video Editing Apps for Android? And why anyone would use a video editing app In small 5-inch phone? And from what I learn, There are mainly 3 reasons-

  • 1. Filter Apps – It’s for the people who want to quickly create a birthday or event videos.
  • 2. Basic Video editor – This is good for someone who wants to quickly edit vlogs videos. That they recorder from smartphones And want to post them on social media.
  • 3. Fully fledged Video editor – It’s for the professionals Who are looking for desktop-like video editors. Something that works with layers and has tons of features.

So, as you have guessed it, in this article I’ll give best video editing apps for each category. And with that being said let’s get started.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android – 2017

  • 1. Filter Apps –

    In this first category, we are looking for video editors that don’t require many efforts. Simply, import photos and video And the app will take care of everything else. i.e. apply a filter and syncing music etc.

    • Magisto – And Magisto is the first app that pops up in the mind. Simply select a couple of video and photos from your phone, and next choose a style and soundtrack to go along with it. In the final screen, You can add a Title and set a length. And that’s it, start the rendering. Now, the final video that you get from Magisto is really good. It adds some smart filter and sync music in the background. You can share the video on social media.
      But one big problem with Magisto is – That the app does all the computing work on its server. So, you need to have active internet connection. And you can not also save the video on a local drive unless you pay. Which bring us to its better alternative.

    •  Quik –  So, Quik is a video editor from GoPro, the popular company, that makes action cameras. And the app is quite similar to Magistro, you select couple of videos from your phone and apply a filter to it. Do you know why Quik is one of the best video editing apps? Because of it completely free. Free as in — no watermark, or in app purchases You can also save high videos in Full HD on your smartphone. And, it’s only mobile app, I’ve seen with some modern text transitions. Which I often used in my YouTube video as well. So, yeah All the YouTuber’s out there, Definitely, check this out.

  • 2. Basic Video Editor –

    In this categories, We are looking for apps that can do basic editing, Like – trim, rotate or join the videos Also adding a soundtrack and text overlay. And out of all the video editing apps, I’ve tested there are only two apps that can do All the basic stuff for free without having a watermark.

    • Filmora Go filmora goSo, like the previous app, you add media from your phone. Next, you can edit them in a single timeline mode.Like changing the position of media. You can also add themes, background music, text overlay and change the playback speed. Etc. Compare the other video editors in this category, this one is most intuitive. Everything comes naturally. And once you are done, You can save the video in the video locally or share on social media directly. And this app is one of the best video editing apps for Android out there for basic video editing.
      But the only problem with this app is, There is FilmoraGo branding at the end of the video, which you can remove by one-time purchase. Or, you can go with adobe premiere clip.

    • Adobe premiere clip – adobe premiereSo, as the name suggests, The app is brought to you by the company that dominates the desktop graphics editing market. But despite their names, This app is pretty barebones. The most you can do is Join two clips, add a soundtrack, with some filters and few nifty customization. Overall, this app is only good for joining two videos with little control over the sound and filters. Personally, I had big expectation from adobe But, this is all you get here. Thankfully, the app is completely free. So that’s a relief.

  • Fully fledged Video editor

    So, finally Now will see the true video editing apps. Something that you can use for creating Professional videos from your smartphone. And CyberLink PowerDirector is top one in my list.

    • CyberLink PowerDirector – cyberlink powerdirectorPowerDirector also have a video editor for PC. But that aside, Their Android version of PowerDirector is really good as well. They have everything, that I was expected from Adobe. Like, it supports multi-layer, similar to what you have seen in a desktop video editor. This means you can add one video on the other, add a separate voice over. You can also add text animation and filters Just like you have on the desktop version. And once you are done, you can save the video locally at HD resolution. Though, if you like to remove the watermark and get Full HD support then you need, to pay one time payment of $5, which in my opinion totally make sense given how powerful their application is.

    • Kinemaster – kinemasterNow, if you need more feature and looking for the best video editing apps for your android device than PowerDirector Then go for Kinemaster. It takes the video editing on a smartphone to a different level. You can add multiple layers of video, text, and transitions. You can even edit video frame by frame. Compare to PowerDirector, Kinemaster is more intuitive. And has some extra features.
      But this comes with steep $5 monthly subscription fees or $40 yearly. Tough, if I had to choose between PowerDirector and Kinemaster I’ll always choose the former(CyberLink PowerDirector) one. There is an only one-time fee and features it offers is sufficient for a mobile platform.

Conclusion –

Wel, this is all for now. These are the best video editing apps for your Android device. I hope This video helped you find the right video editing app for you. The apps you choose completely depend on you, and your usages. So, don’t be confused, choose any apps which are full fill your needs and then start editing.


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