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Best Password Manager – Keep Your Password Safe

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Best Password Manager - Keep Your Password Safe - cover


Let’s assume that you have multiple social accounts: Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. So because you have multiple accounts, you also have numerous passwords. And you have to remember those password. You know that remembering dozens of passwords is quite hard. To fix that problem we use the same password on every account. But this is a significant security risk for you. If someone gets your passwords from one account. The security of all your accounts will get compromised. So what is the solution of that? I think one of the best solutions is to use a trusted Password manager.  But which is the best password manager? LastPass is the better solution for this.

So, today I’m going to tell you – why LastPass is one of the best Password Manager? And how can you use LastPass to save all of your online passwords?

Best Password Manager – Keep Your Password Safe

Best Password Manager- How LastPass Work –

LastPass create an encrypted vault that you have a master password for. Remember that you have a master password, they don’t. So they cannot see your passwords which is the reason I like LastPass a lot.

And now you probably started to think that – what if LastPass has compromised. So what LastPass did was they designed a system, if it was compromised mean if the hacker break into LastPass’s backend, the hacker would only get encrypted vault. They would not get your password. The encryption is well protected. But if you lose your master password you don’t have a recovery method. So LastPass when you’re signing up they remind to make sure you to get an excellent password set that you can remember later.They don’t save your master password. Because of that, you can’t get the master password back. Although they offer a hint option, there is no emailing your password back to you.

These all reasons makes LastPass one of the best password manager.

Best Password Manager- SetUp LastPass –

So, now that we know the basic. Let’s see how to get started with LastPass. Open up your browser and go to LastPass website or just click on this Link. LastPass is completely free, but if you need some more out of it, then you have to buy this product. But the free version works very well. You can use it for free on only one type of device, and it can be your computer or on your smartphone. And if you want to use this on both computer and smartphone simultaneously then you have to get premium. It cost 2$/month and worth it. But, if you are just started, I suggest you take the free version for a computer and later if you like it, upgrade it.

So, LastPass is a browser extension. You can download the extension from their website and after download creates a new account. Now once the extension is installed, and you create a free account,

lastpass prompt

Go to any website and log-in to your account. The moment you press submit, you will see a notification from LastPass, asking if you want to save the login credentials to LastPass Click on Add and that’s it. The simplicity also makes LastPass one of the best Password manager.


Other than being a password manager LastPass also offers additional features like – Secure Noes, Form Fill Profile, Password generator and One tap authentication.

In my opinion for password manager – LastPass is the best password manager anyone can ever have.

“Best Password Manager – Keep Your Password Safe”

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