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5 Best Chromium Based Browsers | More Features than Google Chrome

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Introduction :

So today’s topic is Chromium Based Browser. Increasing Internet growth has really changed our daily computing needs. Nowadays, only a web browser can fill up our all computing needs. So web browsers are becoming more and more important programs. If you are talking about a web browser, then three browsers name comes first; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer or today’s latest Microsoft Edge Browser.  There are also many other browsers that we do not use. Both Chrome and Firefox are open source software, which means there are many more browsers that depend on this projects of chrome and firefox browser.

5 Best Chromium Based Browsers cover

Chromium Based Browsers

If you talk about Google Chrome, it’s a program from the Google Chrome project, but Google Chrome is controlled by Google, and they continue to add new features every time. Chromium is an open source project, which can be used by anyone to create a separate browser and can add new features as desired. On the other hand, Google Chrome is the official Google’s web browser, in which Google has added many features such as built-in PDF reader, media codec, automatic update feature etc. Since Chrome is made of chromium, many other features of Chrome can be mixed with a different browser built on chromium. There are currently a number of Chromium based browsers that have improved much security and Google server links have been removed for privacy reasons. These different browsers are made up of chromium, but more useful and fun features have been added, such as built-in add-blocker, VPN or DNS feature, better download/bookmark management system, and some cool theme used in some browsers that can save you from the same annoying look. Being built on Chromium based or the Blink Engine, you will also be able to download and install extensions from the Chrome extension market directly in these different browsers. This means that all the extensions of Chrome are running, and you will also get different and cool features from different browsers.

Epic Privacy Browser

epic privacy browser

This is the first web browser made by India. The Epic Browser is currently available for Mac and PC, but it is expected that more operating systems might support this Chromium Based browser. The interface of the browser is similar to Google Chrome, but do not make mistake. The main focus of the Chromium Based browser is privacy, all of today’s browsers have incognito moods, but although your browsing information is not hidden from the internet service provider or search engine, so this browser has a Build-in VPN proxy. And by default, when you close the browser, the session data such as cookies, history, cache etc. will be automatically cleared. And in order to have a built-in VPN proxy feature, there is no need to use a different extension. Besides that, SSL Connection always sends Do Not Tracking Header Request. Many types of data tracking are turned on in different Chromium Based browser, all links have been removed to protect privacy in Epic Browser, so data leaks will be reduced considerably.

Download Epic Privacy Browser


vivaldi web browser

Vivaldi is a freeware, it’s completely Chromium Based browser. This cross-platform browser released in 2016. But considering its age, do not neglect its features, like Chrome, it’s a lot powerful and a cool looking web browser. You can directly customize its user interface, you can change its theme color and according to the web page, the color theme of the browser’s user interface can change. The most amazing feature of this browser is that you will be able to create tab grouping, with this there are many other types of custom features. Since the browser is completely new, so many features are still in developing on. In the future, many more extraordinary features may be added in the browser. And within a short time, the browser has gained quite a lot of popularity. Today Vivaldi is a very popular browser for many tech geeks and advanced users. The browser is really a highly customizable browser, so you can easily customize the speed dial and start page. Custom themes, color themes, night mode, mouse gestures are also available in this browser. In addition, the browser has the Build-in CSS debugger tool, and web designers know it’s importance.

Download Vivaldi Browser

Yandex Browser

yandex web browser

Yandex is the Russian Internet company, whose search engine is one of the largest in the world. Their official Chromium Based browser does not look like standard web browsers but will also give you enough chromium fill. The Yandex browser first came on the market in 2012, and today its cross platforms and many cool features have easily snatched away many users. This browser is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux for all platforms.One of the most important or unique features of this browser is DNSCrypt. This means that when it send or receive data from this DNS server, Yandex encrypted the request and then sent or received it. In this Chrome Based browser, New tab or Start page is called Tableau. This browser also has mouse gestures. But like Vivaldi, you will not able to customize it. It also changes the theme color according to the theme and color of the website. Like Opera browser, it has a turbo mood, which uses compression method for slow Internet connection, trying to fast browsing or video streaming. This Chrome Based browser will scan your download file using Kaspersky Antivirus.

Download Yandex Browser


Opera Browser

Opera is over 20 years old and earlier it worked on Presto engines, which changed to the new version of Opera on the Chromium Based engine in 2013. Opera has some really useful and cool features, and it is an all-in-one browser for your computer. Opera’s stylish and cool looking start page or speed dial interface is easily bound to your attention. Currently, the most discussed feature of Opera is its Built-in VPN service, it provides services like True-VPN or paid services, and in truth, this VPN does not slow the internet speed at all. Earlier, Chrome extensions could not be used in Opera, but now because it is a Chromium Based Browser, so it allows you to use the Chrome extension. It can not directly download or install extensions from the Chrome extension store, you need to download the extension from Opera Extensions website.

There have more highlighted features such as – Build-in Add-blocker, Battery Saver Mode, Turbo Page loading feature, and many more custom features, so if you are interested then install it without any further discussions.

Download Opera Browser

UC Browser

uc browser

UC Browser is the most popular browser on the mobile platform and has a desktop version since 2015. This browser looks different rather than other Chromium Based Browsers. You can use a lot of different themes to change the look of this browser. The best feature in the browser is the ability to create a portable hotspot, although Windows 10 have this feature built-in, this feature of UC Browser can be used on Windows 7 or 8.1. There is also a lot of useful tools in this browser, but if you have run the mobile version of UC browser, you know that this browser’s download feature is very powerful, and it also has the same powerfulness for the PC. UC Browser really has the ability to download any file very fast. Its default screenshot tool is useful for may user. Brightness adjustment, night mood, link pre-loading, next page pre-loading etc. There are many more features in this browser. So you can check it, but before using UC Browser, it is necessary to check the above-mentioned browsers first.

Download Opera Browser


There are many more Chromium Based Browsers, each of which has some unique features (like Torch Browser), but it is not possible to add every browser to a single article, but in the future article I will some more chromium browsers. So please let me know, which browser you are about to use.

~ 5 Best Chromium Based Browsers | More Features than Google Chrome ~


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